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September 16, 2012
By HayNicole SILVER, Warren, Michigan
HayNicole SILVER, Warren, Michigan
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It's something 'bout a memory,
that can bring you to your knees.
Wondering how it happened so fast
you never saw it coming to.
Wondering what you could have done right.
Wondering what would have made him stay,
thinking bout the memories got me going crazy
[bridge]oooo I want you back I want you back so bad.
(so bad, so bad)
ooo your love had me lifted oh so high.
(so high, so high)
Now i'm crashing to the ground, forgetting why
All i'm left with now is...
]Memories thats all i have of your love for me.
I can still feel the love you left me.
You left me broken hearted with envy
All i can say is thank you for the memories.
(that you left me.)
ooooo yeaaaa ooo yea.
Time passes by slowly, you move on with you life.
While i'm sitting here crying tears flowing through my eyes.
God knows im sick of it I cant stand the thought of you
saying it to someone else another lucky girl in your life.
While I'm standing on the sidelines memories flooding by.
I'm having hard time getting through
I know I need to move on.
But i'm stuck on empty words, promises, and lies.
Even what I went through you got me saying....
ooooo I want you back I want you back so bad.
(i do, I do) Even all the pain you put me through.
(again, again)My love for you will be there till the end cuz i got
...Memories thats all I have of your love for me.
I no longer feel the love for me
you left me broken hearted with envy
all I can say is bring back good memories. (oh baby please...)

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