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story written by hate

January 9, 2012
By reman5 PLATINUM, Ganei Tikwa, Other
reman5 PLATINUM, Ganei Tikwa, Other
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Deep, screaming, hollow gray eyes

raging with emptiness, aimlessness

until all hope for them dies.

These eyes,

All they seek is something

To fill the void inside,

To end their suffering

And avoid imploding

No more swallowing their pride.

Will they ever break free Out of this dream?

I don't think so…

I mean look deeply, really

He's about to blow.

You can feel it just dripping out

of every bone and every nerve,

it makes him go crazy

but he is keeping it all

waiting in reserve.

you can see the anger,

eating its way

into the poor man's mind,

driving him mad

it's making him blind.

Blind to the consequences

Blind from the hate,

making him the results

to underestimate,

But he's tired.

Tired of this back stabbing world

He really means it this time

He thinks it kind of grew old.

The eyes slowly lower their gun

but look! It's too late,

now it's time to run!

Run, and never look back

Cause what you left behind

Isn't planning on cutting you any slack.

So go on

With this con

Convincing yourself

Maybe this thing won't hold for long

But he was wrong

It just grows worse

Because people never forget

And in life, there is no reverse

Not for you and not for me

Not for anyone you might want to be

and in this world full of hate

everyone's expecting the same fate,

to end up six feet under

might as well hide in a bunker.

So the chase goes on

But then he stops to think

Maybe this is going on for too long

It's time to make ends meet.

Its time to set things straight

Apologize, say you're sorry

He was sure he was going to get a clean slate

He thought he didn't need to worry.

Maybe the boss will forgive you

Make it all go away

Or maybe he'll (freaking) chop you're head off

Leave it in the field to decay!

In the end he found out

He was barking up the wrong tree

Because in the world of hate

There is no way out

There is no escape.

He counts to ten

But he knows it's the end

He hopes for the best

And I guess

You all know the rest.

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