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Walking In A Hall

October 6, 2011
By BrittaneyPeacock DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
BrittaneyPeacock DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
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Walking the hall of a school that looks so empty like no one has ever belonged ,The hall is so quite oh why so quite the hall is so dark Theres no wisper in the darkness of the halls,not a peep but wait theres tends to be a small laugh, Walking the empty halls is a weird fareness that seems to keep the hall steady at a beet that no one can seem to see,walking the hall of the school is all but real,The school is a dark spooky sneeze and it is so cold makes you fall on both knees.Walking the hall of a dark school to most it would be cool.But to any real soul they know the cold dark hall is no place but for dead goests linger ib the halls of the schools halls and watch us like,We are their meal,Walking the hall of a dark school with no real feel is as cold as a goust ,Walking the hall of a school seems to be so cool but for real the darkness quite feeling of it is sureal no one can understand it,It is so quite but The laugh its back!maybe there Is someone near more than we think.Everyone seems to be freezing they can barely breath, as they breath out you can see cold air come from Small dark lungs that when you see your knees grow weak and you tend to not be able to see free as you feel them breath on you its a kind Chill no can understand cause its so unreal it will make you sneeze like you have a cold. Walking The hall of a school coukd it be real It makes you ache and scream the pain is unbelieveable, you try to let free but its to real to see, Walking the hall ,theres that cry again But in the end it was all a so real a young girl woke up so tense she thought it was gone but then she screamed and was never seen ir heard In the dark cold school in any of the halls, they say they can stil hear her scream but most dont believe.Could she be real, Well never see

The author's comments:
This is a piece about a girlwalking in her school that apears to be dark and cold and feels like a soul is near but can'texplain it well. Please rate comment and share check my other stuff out on fb,my blog and so forth if you want comment and I'll reply with the info

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