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September 2, 2011
By Brandywrote PLATINUM, San Jose, California
Brandywrote PLATINUM, San Jose, California
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Favorite Quote:
“maybe I can help”

“Ah, yes, you want to be a writer don’t you?”

“You say that as if it’s a bad thing”

“No, no. just a lonely thing. Sometimes the world you create on the page seems more friendly than the lives in the world you actually live in.

Who are you,
Stranger by me
Can’t see through
Your invisibility
I see those eyes
With dancing fires inside
Underneath the moonlight
Crouching just out of sight.

Are you an enemy
Or the other part of me
Will you love then leave
Or will you stay
Are you here for tonight
Or can you really make me smile
Am I seeing you?
Or invisibility?

You come closer, won’t quite look me in the eyes
I stand there waiting-let you decide
Should keep walking
I see the morning light
But are you the dawn
To engulf the night??
Trees are hiding us from view
In a nearby house someone sings a merry tune
About feeble souls being born anew
Love falling in little drops of dew
Fire burns as you’re next to me
Still trying to see what you are to me
I recognize you face, now that you’ve opened up
The kind of love that you don’t see everywhere
Not like those flings-where neither person cares
You hold me close
Never let me go
You’re the I want
Where you go I’ll go

You are the enemy that’s stolen my heart
The other part of me and you’ll never leave in the dark
You’ll stay for tonight and many more
Make me smile and see you
See right through
Your invisibility.

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