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Dark Sky

October 8, 2010
By ShadytheClown BRONZE, Nampa, Idaho
ShadytheClown BRONZE, Nampa, Idaho
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Favorite Quote:
I'd bury you alive so you'd know how it feels to have the weight of the damned world upon your shoulders and then leave you there to dig yourself out.

INTRO:The roses are turning black.
It feels like there's a knife in my back.
The Sky shows no sign of life.

SOLO:My name is Shady the Clown,
I drop beats all over town.
Yo mom warned you about me,
but yo' punk ass didn't listen,
now you sitting alone in the room,
wishin' that you never battled me.

CHORUS:You lay in a bed of blood,
You sit on yo' ass wounderin' how could this happend.
You been shot; There's nothing you can do.
so you just sit there sayin' boo-who.

SOLO: You messin' with the wrong guy,
i guess you just want to die.
You cryin' to yo' momma,
She sittin' there just tellin' yo' ass to man up.

The author's comments:
I was in a very dark place when i wrote this rap, so i'm sorry if it offends some people.

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