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"A Thousand Years"

September 2, 2010
By rebeldiamond1313kd GOLD, Franklin, Tennessee
rebeldiamond1313kd GOLD, Franklin, Tennessee
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Bright fragments of a diamond heart
Scattered across the sky
Little souls so very broken
They shine on
And so can you
And so can I.

Butterflies on fire, piano strings
A multitude of texts, and rushed feelings
I've known you for a thousand years
But it's only been a day.

Dew drops running down the sill
Capture the light
And all is still
I knew the rain was coming
But who knew it would be so soon.

You can't swim
But we dove right in
Swimming deeper doesn't fix a thing
You got out just in time
I'll breathe in the water
I like this feeling in my lungs
Let me drown.

The sun turns from red to black to gold
Like your heart
I hear it beating
The field looks nice
White lines so straight
I wish they'd point me where to go
But sunglasses and lists and notes
Don't mean a thing to me
And Friday's and Carabba's never felt so far away
I swear I've known you for a thousand years
But it's only been a day.

The author's comments:
For Alex.

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