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the wait at 7:30 pm

February 27, 2010
By kirstie_terry GOLD, Douglasville, Georgia
kirstie_terry GOLD, Douglasville, Georgia
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(Verse one) We clash together every day…!
Risked if I got my heart torn, hell I’m brave…!
There is so much boldness in my soul, if I let the love knock me down steady I’m gone do it my way but I don’t play…!
I’m such a strong advocate, of my endowment you don’t have to think I’m so insane…!
Because I can’t help things I have to see, you can run off but hold up!
(Verse two) It’s been intense for such a while but wait it can’t be ova…!
I could bet a million bucks but still I’d have a hard time trying to know ya!
Got to be fair that’s always been the rules at the end of the day!
I’ve always been here and their willing to stay
But at the end it’s gone be us together!

So if you can’t be patient...!
Then go away I’ll just have to face the pain…!
Because of you play me lying, denying ways then you’re not worth my time through my days; I’ll just have to find another bay…!
I know you don’t see a thing…!
Too blind cause from the way you’ve changed…!
Walk on out my door...But hold up!
Baby be the same like back in 08’
Love me like you did that same ---- way!
With me and you all the time I see us…!
You’re the only one… Meant for me…
Baby take me back to that shining knight!
----, I’m glad we got the chance again to make this ---- thing right!
The time is now, the wait ova we just growing older…!

The author's comments:
Rihanna inspired me lol.

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