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Far away

May 27, 2010
By whyshouldIlove SILVER, Algiers, Other
whyshouldIlove SILVER, Algiers, Other
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I have to stop the drop of my tears
But I can't get away my fears
My heart is broken and now I see
the end of what means the most for me

I should maybe stop thinking about you
And finally believe that it's true
I would never get the chance to see you
Cause I'm stuck in this place which is too

Far Away... I'm Far away
From everything ... From you!

I have to stop thinking that I deserve it
After all I made for it
I have always been one your biggest fan
And realising my dream is what I can

Not do ... Cause I'm fay away
From everything ... From you!

So please help me
To make my dream come true
I just want to be in from of you

Because I'm stuck in this place which is too...

The author's comments:
This is supposed to be a song i wrote when i couldnt go to a jonas brothers concert lol

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