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“Busy Being Born or Busy Dying”

February 28, 2010
By kirstie_terry GOLD, Douglasville, Georgia
kirstie_terry GOLD, Douglasville, Georgia
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“Busy Being Born or Busy Dying”
Huh? Ugh? No? Okay…
“I’m not ready”
He’s trying to see, if he belongs with me
All the time it’s one of these…
We can wait
But it may not be guaranteed
Worried day and night
If he’s going to end with me
I’m asking questions
Weeping too…
Roaming now and into the past
I start to realize… I’m about to blow (chorus)
And I ask myself am I busy being born or dying…
People are asking me why you still believe in him
Said I don’t know its sacrificing
But in this horrendous I’m still sleeping…
Know that I do still love him
So just know that I might be busy doing both of them
Said no prom
I’m obtainable to someone else
He says take another friend and you’ll be alright
Sometimes I want to take my life
But then I remember the promising things he says to me
That’s we will be together but with no might’s… (Chorus)
As I know I have to be prepared or not for the worst
For eight months I have been in ache disquieting will we finally be as one for the first
So many couples would’ve never like us stood so long just to survive
But it may be too late to be thinking how much you meant in my life cause I might be too busy being born and dyeing…!!!
Know that I still love him,
So just know that I might be busy doing both of them…

The author's comments:
waiting for the longest just to be together and i love him so much but i am in fear because we might not workout anymore... i worry all the time. But it is time that i start thinking about my life instead of someone else. Start being busy born or die.

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