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Combating for what's right

February 27, 2010
By kirstie_terry GOLD, Douglasville, Georgia
kirstie_terry GOLD, Douglasville, Georgia
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All our love had exceed into hate
Till then your feelings had been gone
Weary the spirit that now stays in the darkness
Blinded by what we can’t see
Struggling, though I find throughout all that time we had been fighting I previously knew that god had sent our dreams and desires home for safe keeping
Combating for what’s right
It’s my mission to call out to the dark
Defeat, to get back the fine things we had
Waiting for the weary to contemplate its hiding
Cope the hate that I hope is distancing
Combating for what’s right
To love or not to love you again
Leaving without you is like departing my soul behind
Combating for what’s right
Colors of emotions pains an overcome that reminisces with time
Combating for what’s right
For us
Not ashamed but with delighted pride
All the tears and pain stands aside but remains as an ideal harmony
Combating for what’s right…
But the spirits will linger as a silhouette of time
Hear the angry distress from the past that still roams in resonance
In the room and the phone that stays in somnolent
Combating for what’s right…

The author's comments:
Fighting the past. This is a song.

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