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Failure To Get Away

January 19, 2010
By jawproperty93 PLATINUM, Jupiter, Florida
jawproperty93 PLATINUM, Jupiter, Florida
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"Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight"

Bridge: This is how I introduce myself
Light the walls on fire, ashes fall from the shelf
You know I could've said I walked a mile
But for right now I'm in denial

Chorus: I'm watching two girls (like Slim Shady)
They're such beautiful girls
They're caught in a great daze
Searching for nothing in a maze

I'm trying to find a way back
Wholeness is the only thing I lack
And we go back, to where freedom rang
We could've been the birds that sang
But those birds have flown, there's nothing left to sing
We could've been the everything
That everone searches for
But you walked right out the door

Repeat Bridge and Chorus

I'm waiting for the birds to start singing
Waiting for God to say my name instead of screaming
So I can wake up again
And so I can watch the beautiful sky again
I feel so cold, you're the reason I am you see
Sixteen years old, and no one else seems to be
The girls are seen wearing a lot of beautiful pearls
Can you see that these ain't your ordinary girls

Repeat Bridge and Chorus

They have so much to fight for
But so many shut them out and love to ignore
You see them, now they've found each other
They didn't realize that they had the same mother
They are who they are and that's one person
Shining in the light of the sun

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I was finding myself, when I was trying to connect two different personalities so that I wasn't so two-faced. Writing this rap song seemed to answer my questions that needed to be answered. Thank god I'm not still going through it because it was taking me away from the things I love to do besides writting.

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