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Runaway Kids

December 22, 2009
By jawproperty93 PLATINUM, Jupiter, Florida
jawproperty93 PLATINUM, Jupiter, Florida
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Bridge: I'm sure that if you get far...from here
You will be safe my dear
You'll be living the biggest lie...
Nobody wants you to die...

Chorus: Runaway..., they're coming after you
Missing your old ways
Even though time's passed so many days
Soon emotions won't be telling how you feel
Hide from everything that's real

You're not the only one feeling alone
Running in circles...
Seeing things all over again
Sleeping where the sun won't shine
Watching you are the shadows you leave behind
You're still running as fast as you can
It's a picture in black and white...
Waiting for the lights color...

And after've been through
Running in circles...
Seeinn things all over again
It doesn't seem like it's enough
Look at how far you've grown
Being brave for one more day
See the stars in the sky...
Walking along your shadow...

Repeat Chorus and Bridge

You're running so far...
Wish you never started it all...
They're catching up to you...
Runaway..., they're coming after you

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