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Rappers Game

December 16, 2009
By jawproperty93 PLATINUM, Jupiter, Florida
jawproperty93 PLATINUM, Jupiter, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight"

You know that I'm right, why try and fight
At the end of the tunnel the light
Pure fright, I've got you in my sight
Stand up tall, show off that height

Many men will know not locked on the road
Time flies by, watch fame unfold
Heat burns away, the heat has gone cold
Used to bun weed, most things I sold

Chorus: There's no clear view in your mind, it's already raining
Going on your s*** you should be facing
Hearts are racing, constantly pacing
Pouncing over weed you're chuffing
Chuffing you know that you're caining
Battles are flying and you're naming
Paranoiyer f***ing up your brain
Joints you're draining, you're insane

It's easy just open the door
Face your fears, start declaring war
Your clothes are torn coming back for more
Leaving them screaming, running, becoming soar

So can you see me
See me on tv spitting so clearly
And freely you wouldn't wanna be me
Full time riding on the mic it's so easy

Repeat Chorus

The time stops, no more clickity clock
Straight up you only got one more block
Your body's so sweaty, your knees are about to lock
Another view says you look calm, about to jump a dock

Your mouth drops open
If you know what's good you'll listen
Sit back and your eyes will glisten
It's your momma you're gonna be missen (missin)

Repeat Chorus

You're insane (to fade)

The author's comments:
This is about two different views. The chorus is about me/someone saying that there are more things to the world then turning to drugs just to escape from the world. The verses are about someone escaping the world by using drugs and other bad things to get away.

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