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The Child's Eulogy, Pt. 1

November 25, 2009
By Paul_James PLATINUM, Plainsboro, New Jersey
Paul_James PLATINUM, Plainsboro, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"The only true love I ever knew
Was behind those downcast eyes
The only comfort I ever felt
Was during those long hours of loneliness
When I felt for you
I do believe
Only innocence can save the world..." -Ocean Soul

Words for broken hearts
Solace for the wounded
Peace for the damned and lost
Sleep for the restless childs

Tears shed in unison
All requiems sound the same
A trail of rose petals
Following to the child's grave

The spirits of a time so long ago
Now music on the gentle autumn air...
A single name has fallen from grace
Now rests upon a lovelorn headstone

My friend, may you find peace

The heart of yesterday's memory
Now the lullaby I sleep to every night...

"If I said goodbye to you tomorrow, would you know how much I loved you yesterday?"

Silenced stillborn hearts
Empathy held them still
Joining the damned and lost
A lost soul forevermore

No tears falling now
A eulogy filled with pain
No trail of rose petals
Leading to a forsaken grave

"I'm sorry your name was taken from you so...
I'm sure if those people were to feel what it's like to lose yourself in a friend,
Their words might not be so harsh..."

Friendship forsaken
Taken for granted
Gone now and nevermore
Forgiven for what was said...

The author's comments:
It's not my favorite song to look at, since I wrote it after my friend's suicide...certain people had made some very horrible comments and remarks, and this was my outlet of that emotion that was born from those remarks...

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