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Oceans Dreaming

September 23, 2009
By jawproperty93 PLATINUM, Jupiter, Florida
jawproperty93 PLATINUM, Jupiter, Florida
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"Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight"

Chorus: Time flies by and I,
Know where I'm going, this time,
It seems like I'm 'bout to fall,
I hear you calling my name,
And I;m running,
Far away from here,
When sleep is impossible.

And I'm seein' you everywhere,
Noticed you looked so beautiful,
When I run, I run, and I fly,
Overlooking all the clouds,
It's like I'm chasing you,
Trying to keep you near,
So that you're never gone.

And it goes . . .
Repeat Chorus

Become the wind, fly to me,
You are the oceans dream,
Heading to where your heart lies,
Forever will be never without you,
Breath me in so I can fly again,
I need you here,
To save me from everything.

And it goes . . .
Repeat Chorus

Make me feel the things that matter,
For all our lives we've dreamed on,
Going nowhere fast,
It's not the same without you,
For I wouldn't change one thing,
I want to see oceans reflect smiles,
As time flies by.

And it goes . . .
You are the oceans dream.
You are my angel dear.
You are the answer,
To all are questions.
I'm calling back to you,
For you are the oceans dream.

The author's comments:
My boyfriend actually told me to write a love song from a guys perspective basically.

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