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June 10, 2022
By AmaraKwameTheOnlyOne GOLD, Durban, Other
AmaraKwameTheOnlyOne GOLD, Durban, Other
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Your wishes are in my ear, for me you always do cheer
And wipe off every tear, save me from all my fears
You look out for me like a dear and Iead me to a path that is clear
A smile to my face you would smear, like new curtains and sheers

Love you, you're the sweetest
But once they see, they envy us (huh)

Oh, my dear life
Everybody wants you to be their bestie
But I would use the knife
You should only be my bestie
My bestie (no, no, no, no)
(Not that girl's bestie)
My bestie (no, no, no, no)
(You're just my bestie)

The author's comments:

Based on the popular tiktok song enemy by imagine dragons

(not the full lyrics)

Came up with this after my bff abeena gave me with these 5 random words to write something

Bestie (a word she said not to count, but little did she know that i made this the main theme)






jst 1 thing 2 say, ily abeena. I rly ly <3

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