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Torn between

April 10, 2022
By Cosette-Switzer_SPA GOLD, Savage, Minnesota
Cosette-Switzer_SPA GOLD, Savage, Minnesota
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From the day I first met you 

I wanted to be your friend 

Then you start encouraging 

You said I’d always win

So I started thinking you had feelings 

And I'm touched that you do 

But I’m torn between deciding

Do I like you too 

The first year you came into the school

I saw you as just a classmate

I realized we were in classes together 

Then I caught you staring at me 

And I thought you had feelings 

And I’m touched that you do 

But torn between deciding do I like you too

Then I moved awaaay

And about a year later 

I was dreaming about you with me, us two.

One day I was walking outside,

Alone with my feelings

Then you came along 

And we talked and hugged it out

And I think I’ve figured out 

That I like you

I’m not torn between anymore

Throw back the curtains 

Open up my door

Let the love in

Let everyone see

That I love him

And he loves meeee

The author's comments:

I wrote this song about having more than 1 crush at a time and feeling lost trying to decide who you like more when really, it's okay to "like like" more than 1 person at a time.

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