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Under the Umbrella

April 9, 2022
By Cosette-Switzer_SPA GOLD, Savage, Minnesota
Cosette-Switzer_SPA GOLD, Savage, Minnesota
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(Raindrop sound)

Looks like the sky is crying

The clouds are dark and gray

It’s wet outside 

and I am trying 

Trying to get away

Simply waiting the storm to go by

Doesn’t change a thing in the sky

The rain is falling 

And I’m stalling…from the storm

Suddenly my shelter came

To hide and stay dry from the rain 

It was just you and me

Under the umbrella

My shield from the winds and rain

Eases all my pain away

I would never feel a thing

‘Cause you were here next to me

Hands gently touch and lock together 

This rain could go on for forever

Because I’m with you

Under the umbrella


There will always be room

Under my umbrella 

For you 

The rain can fall

So then I’ll call

For you 


I can be your shelter 

I can be the sun 

I can help with battles 

Until we have won

There will always be room

Under my umbrella 

For you

The author's comments:

Rain is such a beautiful thing, even though it can makes us feel glum it shows that even nature needs to cry sometimes too. 

"People cry not because they are weak. It's because they've been strong for too long." -Johnny Depp

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