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Hey dude Arnold

March 13, 2022
By CaliFranceGurl648 GOLD, San Diego, California
CaliFranceGurl648 GOLD, San Diego, California
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Hey dude Arnold how ya doing

In Hillwood how's life going

Your surname's right; you're a shortman

But that girl Helga, she loves you since when

You aren't a hottie like the other guys

And Helga's beauty doesn't seem like paradise

I'm enough of that love but hate drama, drama

Why don't you move from Washington to the Bahamas?

Why's Gerald the leader when you're there, Arnold?

Oh dude, You don't seem like a nine year old

And Helga's crushing on you forever and ever

But, is she gonna tell ya, never, never, yeah

Where are your parents, I haven't seen them still

As you have eccentric grandparents like Gertude and Phil

They own that boarding house, in your town Hillwood

Helga's sissy Olga is as perfect as a hood, yeah

Why's Helga a tomboy and still wears pink?

Lastly, Why do you hold her hand as if she'd wink?

Do you like her or like her not, for,

if you wanna see her doppleganger once more, yeah

Are you weak or can you be strong, Arnold?

Can you battle with the school bully Harold?

Do you like it if Helga confides in Phoebe?

Maybe, she'll talk about her crush on you, just maybe

Hey dude Arnold, I wish to come to Hillwood

And I've to say I'm writing this rap, in airplane mode.

Airplane mode.

I swear dude ;)

The author's comments:

Hey Arnold was my favourite cartoon in Childhood. So, I decided to write about it. There's an easter egg in the image for Hey Arnold fans like moi! ♡♡


Enjoy rapping, luvleys! ;)

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