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Where it All Began

March 18, 2021
By RushingOwl SILVER, Ny, New York
RushingOwl SILVER, Ny, New York
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This is where it all began,

with you and a couple of our friends,

we were just sitting there,

doing nothing in particular,

watching the sunset dissapear.


Then I took a wild glance,

elbows on the grass,

hands on my cheeks,

blushing profusely,

like for eternity.


Cause there you were,

in your classic attire,

smiling softly,

my heart beating faster,

dreamy eyes,

stuck to the sky,

not noticing I,

(which is fine)


From that time,

I began wishing on,

that someday,

our romance would blossom,

cause you were just,


you threw away,

your usual stoicness.

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