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Why I'm Gone

February 7, 2019
By aivey19 BRONZE, Greenwood, Arkansas
aivey19 BRONZE, Greenwood, Arkansas
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A couple compliments

arent enough to compensate

For all the lonely nights i cry  myself to sleep

Cause I made time for you

But you made no time for me

So i’ll go my own way and you'll go yours too

But don’t you worry babe

because this loneliness i’m feelin ain’t new

I always felt it with you

A couple compliments

Weren’t enough to compensate

For all the lonely nights I cried myself to sleep

So i’ll make time for me

And you can go on wishin you’d made time for me too

Cause I’m going my own way and you’ll go yours too

But don’t you worry babe the loneliness will fade soon

As I forget about you

You thought you had me fooled

I was new to this

And you were playin cool with us

I guess i was a second chance

at some past love

And now we haven’t talked for months

I try not to miss you much

I hope you hear this song

And know why im gone

So we'll go our own ways and the world will too

And I won't worry babe

I’ll make it with someone new

And you will too

Just remember a couple compliments

Arent enough to compensate for the lonely nights she’ll cry herself to sleep

So make time for her

And maybe you won’t lose her like you lost me.

The author's comments:

I'm a senior in High School. I wrote this song about a year ago...obviously it is hard to imagine without music but I hope you enjoy :)

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