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A Real Love Story

August 5, 2011
By Mz.Minny2011 SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
Mz.Minny2011 SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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When I met you my heart skipped a beat..... the sun became the moon & cold became heat.... Roses weren't red an violetes weren't blue.....And all because i fell IN LIKE WITH YOU <3

I am here to simply tell you, something you might not know
that when your heart breaks, into different shapes
it gives it room to grow

And although your heart is aching, and you think the pain will never end
you’ll find a new love, in a different book
and a new love story begins

Chapter 1 is when your just friends, and he gives you butterflies
and time stops, and your hearts thumps
and you feel like you can fly, and touch the sky

In chapters 2-12, is when you completely fell, and your world was turned upside down

there’s got to be a happy ending,
but on the last page
that’s not what your found

and that’s how your story ends, at least this one and this chapter
but maybe one day, you’ll find the one
and you’ll get your happily ever after

so your heart was crushed and flattened, and you were left in pieces once again
the one you loved didn’t love you back
Oh well, I guess it’s time for a new story to begin

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