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February 26, 2018
By Aurapoetry1 GOLD, Atlanta, Georgia
Aurapoetry1 GOLD, Atlanta, Georgia
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If you follow the crowd, you might get lost in it.

As you grow older the world is revealed

A terrible man, a smile conceals

The beautiful bud, a wilting young flower

A strong able thing, sucked of its power

Your childhood hero,

From a ten to a zero

The world a much darker place,

Than you saw long ago with your small little face


Although as you grow older you see also good,

The devoted small number who do all they should

A pit to fill in, they make it a mountain

Betweed every mudhole, springs a clear fountain

No matter how many more bad rule than good,

None of them can overshadow the ones who did all they could.

The author's comments:

This poem is about how as you grow older, the way things really are is revealed to you. When you are little, the world is an innocent happy place. As you grow up you see all the flaws and problems. But alongside these faults, there are small, beautiful good things that make life worth living.

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