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Nuclear Bonfire

December 23, 2017
By a_hadley22 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
a_hadley22 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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Explosions and cries of pain.
Who else will betray, surprise all?
They’ve lit a nuclear bonfire beneath our feet,
And death is sneaking up behind us.

Who are you, to question us?
Who to order us to your convenience?
Why should we do what you wish?
Because I know that I won’t.

But the death is snatching, and I feel disabled.
We will save, and we will destroy.
So will anger and the flames overtake us?
They will overcome me.

I will wake up in front of the nuclear bonfire,
And none will survive.
Except me.

The author's comments:

My friend and I were writing a story together, and we got to this part where the characters had their lives upturned. My character became furious, and I only had to draw on a couple life experiences to write this poem.


It's about anger, the most furious anger you could think of. It's about when you can't think of anything but those who did you wrong.

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