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chlorine summer

October 19, 2017
By TessM. GOLD, Lake Zurich, Illinois
TessM. GOLD, Lake Zurich, Illinois
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you love her as sun-kissed skin loves the first
swell of water tinted blue, scattered crystalline
fragments of memory. the first time you confessed was
on a sidewalk shimmering and turning hazy, into
liquid pools of
water tinted blue / her eyes are so blue
you could have given yourself to her, but
she caught you before the fall.
the sun touched her reassurances and gave them
substance: you are accustomed to mirages
but her truths soothe sunburns
the light frac / tures around her in waves and for once you
do not need to hold your breath to stay afloat. that day
the pavement was cool between your calloused palms
shaping peaks and valleys into your fingertips
where you imagine hers would fit
she is the honey-gold reflection of an afternoon / the
first stars in a evening sky that ripple
you see,
she moves the world for you
when you sit, toes curled above the water and
memories that roll in rivulets off your skin
her eyes are so blue / right then you
are the only reflection and her attention is
it is easy to drown in summers without anything
worth regretting but you know
you are never out of your depth with her

The author's comments:

A girl and a crush.

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