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October 15, 2017
By ethereal_dar GOLD, Manila, Other
ethereal_dar GOLD, Manila, Other
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It's like floating on a cloud nine when I see you smile,
You'd show me your thick brows, I'd involuntary sigh,
Rosy cheeks and sincerity,
Deep down I would cuss, "F**k, I'm so lucky."
Your words are a curse,
I'm trapped on your verse.
Somehow, I think of your influences,
It was the bestest among the best.
I thought your eyes tell your story,
But I'm too dumb I don't see your agony.
The laughs upon your voice,
Was just your dark choice,
It was me you showed your mask,
The mask behind your persona,
The mask behind that sincere eyes.
You were beyond my expectation,
But you will never be my option,
I am bewildered of how you sing,

We're so close just as I saw you running,
Out of nowhere, you disappeared.
I could hear you singing, you want to escape,
Then repression takes your place.
I sat and reflect on the flashes of our memories,
We only have one and that's when you hold my hand
You've already forgotten what we had,
You've escaped from reality.
The moment I wake up,
I unlocked the doorknob,
It was you who banged the door,
Wasted due to alcohol,
I asked, "Why are you drunk?"
Just as I met your eyes, the mask had already been removed,
And everything you did to me,
Is just a four-night prank of insanity.

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