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When You're Gone

May 25, 2017
By winny_addams PLATINUM, Menomonie, Wisconsin
winny_addams PLATINUM, Menomonie, Wisconsin
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Now that you are gone

I can't help but think about you

Just wish you didn't have to leave so soon

I know you weren't happy

Just wish you didn't do what you did


When you're gone

Part of my heart is missing

Sometimes I can't help but blame myself

I should've listened

Should've just knew


I'm so sorry

Sorry I didn't listen

Sorry I didn't believe you

Just wish you were still here


Now you are gone

And I miss you

The author's comments:

Back in January 2011 I lost my best friend, my girlfriend. She killed herself. Just miss her so much! I am in a happy place in my life now. I have a fiance and a beautiful 1 year old son. Just still miss her.

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