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March 14, 2009
By LunaTrifid BRONZE, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
LunaTrifid BRONZE, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
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I am the ugly one,
The outlier in skinny-model-land.
You think me stupid and fat,
The duckling that remained grotesque.
Eyes slide past me,
Wishing I would take another seat.
But I stay, cramped and wretched,
Watching the world.

I am the poor one,
The result of unkept promises.
You look at me, pitying, contemptuous
I can’t chase my despair away with a match.
Eyes slide past me,
Longing to pass on the used toy.
But I stay, clinging to dream confetti,
Watching the world.

I am the quiet one,
The wallflower in the corner.
You wonder why I’m here at all
I don’t limit myself with words.
Eyes slide past me,
Wanting the caterpillar to become a butterfly.
But I stay, singing in silence,
Watching the world.

I am the crazy one,
The caged bird of the rehab center.
You scorn me, are frightened of me,
Hate my neon-pink thorns.
Eyes slide past me,
Already judging, guillotine ready.
But I stay, laughing, crying,
Watching the world.

You do not see us,
But we are there.
You do not hear us,
But we are there.
We watch the world,
But you don’t watch us.
We are the loneliest
And yet the least lonely.
We are the Invisible Ones.

The author's comments:
Originally posted on FictionPress under the name "WyndiWingfall" and on PoemHunter under my pseudonym "Sela Wingfall."

This is my favorite poem that I've written so far.

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xxViCT0RiA said...
on Jun. 27 2009 at 3:59 pm
xxViCT0RiA, Medford, New Jersey
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very good . job well done (: