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Do You Know Your God?

September 16, 2016
By dya.o PLATINUM, Milton, Florida
dya.o PLATINUM, Milton, Florida
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Do you know your God?

I do.

I know that he is cruel.

I know that he hurts you.

I know that he is no more Godly than you

or I.


Do you know why he doesn't love you?

I do.

I know that toys are never loved.

I know that man is all but admired.

I know that the attention you seek will never

be given.


Do you see his miracles?

I don't.

I see men, and admiration.

I see humanity, and perserverance.

I see a creation of ordinary creatures 

becoming extraordinary.


Do you believe in his Heaven?

I don't.

I believe in the rebirth of life.

I believe in the cycle of the seasons.

I believe in a world that creates their

own destiny.


Do you love your God?

You do?

You beg to hear his voice?

You beg to embrace his presence?

You beg for a forgiveness of sins that 

aren't yours.


Do you realize his faults?

You don't?

You know he is perfect?

You know that he loves you?

You know things that have been beat 

into you.


But, do you know your God?

I do.


He is no 'god' to me.

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