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Devastation On The Dessert Sea MAG

July 12, 2016
By YoungGreenShoot GOLD, Ithaca, New York
YoungGreenShoot GOLD, Ithaca, New York
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I see you crawling through the sea
pale hands grasping shortbread-colored crumbles of wet sand
with a face marred by peachy coral scratches and
cuts from raspberry-juice-spurting sea creature clashes;
In my clacking coconut bones I know that
you’re coming for me,
lime seaweed slime foaming at your cotton-candy mouth
and a necklace made from strawberry sea glass
adorns your candy-cane curled neck.
your sodden molasses hair,
long enough to travel along the ocean ground
switches high above the berry waves in the
howling steamy translucent wind
your eyes, like licorice pools filled with sparking rock candies,
deeply impressed in latte skin
like a gingerbread man
glare through the smoking air,
clouds of fragrance, sweet-tart
an aura I cannot see
but can smell and feel surrounding me
hitting me in cherry heart
so I falter-
hands and knees fall in plummy tide,
tugging chocolate legs out to sea
I scrape and cry on desserted land
to the ears of no one but the great beyond,
that this crawling chase must end
as almond hands blanched by the sea
grab my soul and
surrenders me

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