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Ukiyo I

April 3, 2016
By paerris SILVER, Dededo, Other
paerris SILVER, Dededo, Other
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"Embrace your originality, a life that does not revolve around conformity is often a life that feels content."

Once upon a time
There was a little black bird
Who lived in a big, beautiful
Golden cage hanging from a tree

The bird would often dream
Of going outside the cage
And seeing all the things
That the world has to offer

Sadly, the cage did not approve
Of such admirations and ambitions
The cage would often tell the bird
About terrible things in the world
Telling the bird,"Outside is dangerous."

"The outside world would only bring
hurt and pain and sorrow."

As she grew and grew and grew
Her hopes had slowly faded away
She soon started to believe that
Maybe the cage was right

"Maybe the outside world is dangerous
And I should be grateful to be able to stay safe in here"

Little did she know that
The outside world would also bring
Love and joy and happiness

For years and years
The bird remained in the bird cage

One day, a white bird came
Near to the bird cage
Curious, the white bird looked
Around the bird cage to find anything

To his surprise, he saw another bird

Before the white bird could
Inch any closer to the bird cage
The bird cage thrashed suddenly
Frightening the white bird
Causing it to fly away

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