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The Leaves Of Trees

February 23, 2016
By BriannaM. SILVER, Keller, Texas
BriannaM. SILVER, Keller, Texas
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It begins with a birth

A tiny little blossom

It works itself up

From the top to the bottom


Slowly, It grows

Absorbs from the sun

Then one turns to six

And six to a ton


With the seasons

They change

Expieriencing all things

That life may arrange


In Spring, They're happy

Dreamlike, in love

Innocent, Tragic

A wistful dove


In Summer, They mature

Becoming lustful, wild

Sheding the innocence

They knew as a child


In Fall, Come the blues

A fight against the wind

Some of them make it

The others...transend


But in the end

Winter holds them captive

And slowly, they wither

No matter how adaptive


The Trunk is steady

The Branches, they be

Oh, what a wonderous thing

The Leaves of Trees

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