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January 4, 2016
By ThatFame.xX SILVER, Plattsburgh, New York
ThatFame.xX SILVER, Plattsburgh, New York
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I am surrounded 

by the people I call friends.

I know they're not though.

True friends ask what's up 

when you look sad.

Not randomly leave 

when I need them most.


I have come to realize who cares,

No one. Not a single person. 

I am itching for a reason,

a reason to leave.

A reason to free myself from 

whatever this is. 

I know no one is there for me.

Even when they say they are, 


I trust no one. 

It is me, myself, and I. 

I am still searching for that

one lick of freedom. 

That one reason. 

The reason that should free me

from this never ending pain. 

This reason, to set me free.

This reason, to give me freedom.

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on Jan. 7 2016 at 12:31 pm
ZJcancel BRONZE, Catesville, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
''I will love you for forever and a day ''

@ThatFame.xX i can so relate i know how you feel