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January 4, 2016
By mira_k GOLD, Wellington, Other
mira_k GOLD, Wellington, Other
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how can something so breathtaking
be so heartbreaking at the same time 

there was something so beautiful about the way your hand felt in mine 
but what was the point of holding on so tight
when you were gonna let go in the end 

the more I fight
the more I seem to lose myself
and even worse 
the more I seem to lose you 

because now as I sit on the bathroom floor
wiping away the tears that have begun to drown me 
I realise that I gave my heart to a boy 
who gave it back to me in pieces 

but yet 
I still love him 
with every broken piece
lying on the ground 

because even if he lets go 
I will still be holding on. 

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