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7.25 Ways To Fall MAG

December 9, 2015
By Lavender_Ink BRONZE, San Diego, California
Lavender_Ink BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Way 1
When running along, veer right into a wall,
Gasp, break the breaks, clearly appalled,
Like the girl sitting underneath the ripe apple tree,
Looking upwards – and bam. It suddenly hit me.

Way 2
Cartwheels, roundoffs, walkovers, oh my!
Up in the air, my body can fly!
But as soon as my hands had to go off the mats,
words weren’t enough – simply, splat.

Way 3
Dribbling a ball up to the hoop,
Hoping (and gloating) on the winning scoop,
I leap and I soar, but to each up is a down,
needless to say, we didn’t win (with a frown).

Way 4
Turning and turning and turning to no end,
(for just one fouette turn simply doesn’t contend),
As I lost my spot, I fell to the ground,
Which had zero spring for me to rebound.

Way 5
“Land an axel,” she asked,
“It’ll be fun,” she masked.
I went up like dice,
and flopped straight on the ice.

Way 6
Punt punt! Kick kick! Aren’t I sweet?
Like a Peanuts cartoon, minus OP feet,
And like Lucy: “Hold the ball,” he said.
And like Charlie, I landed smack bam on my head.

Way 7
In practice, I was gold,
my volley skills so untold,
Spike it! Bump it! Set it … Go!
I’m gonna se-e-e-e-re … whoa.

Way 7.25
I was walking up the stairs, didn’t know how –

The author's comments:

This story was written around my life as a sporty person who also is ironically quite clumsy. It's spontaneous, nonsensical, quirky, cute, and whimsical in its failures.


I'm pretty sure you can relate, except when you can't. And you can definetely comment, execept when you don't. And you can totally tell me what you think, except when you won't.





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antea GOLD said...
on Jun. 8 2017 at 8:21 am
antea GOLD, Tirana, Other
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This is so incredibly funny and relatable to anyone who is clumsy, kind of like me Keep writing this is awesome!!! :)