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Indirectly saying I love you

November 10, 2015
By NamelessWonder GOLD, Happy, Arkansas
NamelessWonder GOLD, Happy, Arkansas
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You love me?


Because kissing you is breath-taking doesn't mean I love you,

The feeling of wholeness that rushes from my fingers when they intertwine your soft snow white fingers is of no significance,

I'm telling you babe,it's just the teenage hormones.


Maybe I think of you every now and then,

Maybe your bewitching face invades my dreams,

Maybe your smile is powerful enough to make turn my depression to happiness - but,it means nothing,it is not love.


Bae,it's not you,it's me

There are plenty of fish in the sea

You are beautiful,gorgeous and talented -

Maybe she'll never say she loves me...


Maybe I'm the one in the unyielding clucthes of love.

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