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Tribute for Rememberance day

November 14, 2015
By NamelessWonder GOLD, Happy, Arkansas
NamelessWonder GOLD, Happy, Arkansas
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2 minutes silence


Unsuspecting mother,with nothing but
nurture and care to give.
Young baby, unaware of what to fear but
lack of breast milk,not bombs,bullets or blackouts.


With the ding-dong of 11 'o' clock
Silence permeates the gun powdered atmosphere.
A resting mood did the crackling guns foster
And the earth drenched in crimson red render.


Red poppies populated the theater of war's greatest    masterpiece
Spirits of the patriots as well as the unwilling, rest in peace.



The author's comments:

Just something I came up with during the 2 minutes silence to honour the dead from world wars

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