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Either You Know Me

April 3, 2015
By DrummerHoff GOLD, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
DrummerHoff GOLD, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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Either you know me
Or you don’t
But don’t think you know me
If you don’t



You might say I'm quiet and shy; a tortoise too afraid to
pull its head out of its shell. Or you might know I'm really
a cockatoo singing so loudly no other bird in the canopy
can get a screech in edgewise.

You might say I'm preppy and popular; the best
dressed person in every room. Or you might know I steal
all my sister’s clothes and enjoy Friday nights spent
studying for hours.


You might say I’m maternal and a worrywart; that I really
need to butt out of other peoples’ business. Or you might
know I’ve lost someone dear to me due to carelessness and
I only worry because I want to keep you around.

You might say I’m overly cheerful and obnoxiously
friendly; leave the loner alone already. Or you might know
I went through elementary school with no friends and
want to ensure that never becomes someone else’s story. 


You might say I’m depressingly gothic and a freak; only a
shadow of a soul, not the whole thing. Or you might know
I’m the youngest of eight children and this makeup is just
trying to get my parents to notice me for once.

You might say I’m a nerd and a geek; that I read textbooks
for fun in my spare time. Or you might know I actually
need these glasses to see the end of my nose and my genius
IQ of 165 has never actually touched a textbook. 


You might say I’m a lot of things I’m not.
Or you might know who I am and why I am.
And that is enough for me.

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