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I miss you

March 19, 2015
By BrittaneyPeacock DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
BrittaneyPeacock DIAMOND, Houston, Texas
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As I walk the road today I look up at the sky and think of the words I should shart with so I will simply start with this

The clouds are grey, it's cool out, I listen to this song that makes me tear up because it makes me think of you which is all I seem to find myself doing now

These dark clouds I see is a mirror image of what I feel inside because I miss you tremendously, I pray to God daily that he'd bring you back this way

I can't sleep, eat, drink and all I seem to do is see you in my dreams when my eyes are open or closed

You may never know how I really feel but I told you but that doesn't mean I will be able to show you

Everyday I wake I think of you
every night I sleep I think of you
I truly do miss you
The last words I ever said to you was Thank you

Just know I will always love you

The author's comments:

Someone that is very close to my heart that recently left out of my life inspired this poem, it is a mirror reflection of my inner depth of my feelings, the person may never see or read it but I'm glad I was able to share my feelings before they left. 

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