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A Rina Chronicals

March 5, 2015
By DeGaurdianAngels GOLD, Bellwood, Illinois
DeGaurdianAngels GOLD, Bellwood, Illinois
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 Maybe this time,the animals will do it what my parents couldn't. Maybe this time, the animals will tear into flesh as the belt did on my back. Maybe this time, my screams for help will be muffled by the whimpers of the TRUE end. Maybe, just maybe my parents will mourn my death.  Who am I kidding... The only reason my parents would be mourning for me is because they weren't the ones that ended my fate. As the belt whips across my back and ankles. As the animals tear rapidly in my skin. I am left to think to dream about the wonderous lives of my future.  What future? If the animals didn't end it my parents would have.

And yet I didn't cry out for help, nor did I scream out in pain. I let all the pain I was consuming feul my dreams and my love to be freed.

Freed from the people and scars that bound me to unheavenly place.

So I lay down all that binds me. I sit and let the animals kill me from the inside out. I let my parents whip me with the belt across my back. I never dare to let out that whimper that shows them how much pain I'm in. I sit and I take all the pain.

As the animals get closer, I soon realize that the animals are my parents!

Thier faces of unknown creatures that tear at my body like a peice of paper that has too many mistakes for thier liking.

 I sit and lay down to their bidding knowing that these ANIMALS

aren't my parents.

YES, my parents beat me with a belt for thier liking whenever they want.

YEs, my parents made me starve when I cook their food wrong.

YES, these animals take the joy into tearing me peice by peice until I no longer exsited.

NO, these animals that stand before me are not my parents. They are what they are... They are the monstors that hide under my bed.

I sit and lay down until I see the lights dim and the black spots appear before my eyes. I slip into the darkness as a scream peirce my ears.

My PARENTS might not love me, but they care if I live. They want thier secrect to stay buired, so they buried me.

 ME... Still alive , but barely breathing.

As the dirty fill my lungs, I turn to the person next to me and smile.

My sister, my twin... the one who was claimed a stillborn!

I let the dirt fill my lungs as I close my eyes and envision the light...to where my sister awaits for me.

The author's comments:

This peice goes to Anna...someone who wants me to write her story. Love you Rina. This is just a little taste of my new book coming out called RINA.

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