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January 15, 2015
By Mockingjay_54 GOLD, Mount Laurel, New Jersey
Mockingjay_54 GOLD, Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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life is like a heart beat

no let me rephrase

life is a heartbeat

every minute every pulse the same time

thudding on at the same boring sluggish gait

until you do something to change the


speed up


take off


then your heartbeat will match the beating of the drums

the drums that thunder in every on of our souls

that moves in time with the flitting of our hearts

like hummingbird wings

see because until you take action and change the

pace of your heart

it will never beat fast enough, beat strong enough

you will never be able to take off

to shake off your burdens and test out your wings

forever reaching, stretching towards the sky

but never being able to fly

life is like a heartbeat

again let me rephrase

life is a heartbeat

because one day

after all your hard work

after your tears and your laughter have dried up

your anger and sorrow burned away

all your passion snuffed out

one day

the beating will just..cease

so ask yourself

have you laughed enough today?

have you cried enough today?

not out of sadness, but out of joy.

have you loved enough today?

have you loved so hard that your soul sets fire, and your spirit takes wing?

because soon there will be no passion no fire nothing left but your desire for more

your regret will be immenent 

so don't forget

change the pace

and you change your life

set the tone

and let it be known

scream from the rooftops to the mountains


and that you have blood pumping through your veins

and say to yourself

"I change the pace"

because this world is nothing but a race

a test of speed and endurance

to see who can acquire the most money the fastest

and look young the longest

who can grab the most cars, jewelry, and

material resources

instead brothers and sisters

let us change the pace

let us stand up and say

"I am the face of a nation, a culture, an ethnicity, and the human race."

The author's comments:

I hope when you read the poem you understand that it is about taking charge of your life despite any obsticles you face.

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