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The Birthday Boy

December 19, 2014
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Eight candles glowed proudly on my cake
And I wanted a monster truck
A real one, not a fake
And I begged and begged

I was the birthday boy
I got a monster truck poster
And a monster truck toy
But no real monster trucks

I made a scene
“Where is my monster truck?!”
I yelled at Aunt Gene
And threw the shirt back at grandma

I was sent to my room for being bad
And I wrote a note in crayon
“I hate you Mom and Dad
I am running away”

When I heard Dad’s snore
I descended the stairs
And slipped out the front door
Into the bright night

The wind brushed my hair
The windows were dark
and the moon filled the air
I ran down the sidewalk as fast as I could

And then I fell
“Mom! Mom! Help!”
I sobbed and yelled
My voice ringing out

I limped inside
and woke them up
And tried to hide
My tears

I was the birthday boy
I never got a monster truck
But I played with my monster truck toy
And maybe that was close enough

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