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Still Fighting

November 18, 2014
By SilentWatcher BRONZE, Clarksville, Tennessee
SilentWatcher BRONZE, Clarksville, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
You don't lose by loving, you lose by holding back.

Barely any feeling, messed up the nerves in my right thigh
But I can't seem to stop no matter how hard I try

One more cut,
I think it will be my last and that this battle I have won

Two cuts,
I was wrong, but I don't know what else to do

Three cuts,
I hide them where no one can see

Four cuts,
I'm cutting too deep,I might hit the floor

Five cuts,
I'm cutting even deeper to feel that euphoric pain, at least I'm still alive

Six cuts,
My parents think it's a problem meds and a therapist can fix

Seven cuts,
Maybe I can make it to eleven

Eight cuts,
I cut too deep and the stitches almost came too late

I think I'm done,I don't want to hurt my family anymore
I'm trying to fake it, hiding the pain behind locked doors

With a plastered on fake smoke I walk the school hall
Trying to hold my head up and stand tall

I was clean a few months and even met a nice boy
Till I found out he was a genius player and I was just temporarily his favorite toy

The cuts were healed and I didn't want more scars
Oh forget this nonsense, these people take things too far

One cut, two cuts, three cuts, four,
This time I won't let anyone behind closed doors

Five cuts, six cuts, seven cuts, eight,
They have no idea I'm so full of hate

Nine cuts, ten,
I think the bad me is going to win

Eleven cuts, twelve cuts, thirteen cuts, fourteen,
What's happened to me why am I so mean?

And up to this day my fight keeps on going,
I've just gotten better at making sure things aren't showing.

The author's comments:


Do not read if you are easily triggered. Sensitive material that may not be appropriate for all readers. 

This was inspired by things I've been going through and things I've noticed other people going through. 

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