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Silent, Silent

November 7, 2014
By French_Gold SILVER, Waynesville, Georgia
French_Gold SILVER, Waynesville, Georgia
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There's plenty of sense in nonsense, if you wish to look for it.
-Cassandra Clare

Ashes, Ashes falling down
Ashes, Ashes in the ground
Ashes, Ashes high in the air
Ashes, Ashes burning black tear

Burning, Burning high
Burning, Burning in a dead sky
Burning, Burning the desolate city
Burning, Burning all things worldly

Falling, Falling like rocks and stones
Falling, Falling masses of bones
Falling, Falling in the near
Falling, Falling with great fear

Dying, Dying all alone
Dying, Dying with the world
Dying, Dying slowing breath
Dying, Dying greeting death

Silent, Silent with a hush
Silent, Silent is the end
Silent, Silent forevermore
Silent, Silent

The author's comments:

Just a random thought I came up with after reading Ashes, Ashes by Jo Treggiari

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