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Why it's never the answer

October 22, 2014
By purplediamonds GOLD, Closter, New Jersey
purplediamonds GOLD, Closter, New Jersey
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I came here for the beast,
The beast (inside of me),
The devil (on my shoulder),
The Satan (playing tricks on my mind),
I plunge the spear into the beast,
It falls out of me,
Dead and Gone forever,
No more misery or sadness,
No more depression,
I smile in triumph,
I'm greeted by someone,
Its new,  and different,
"What's your name?" , I asked the lion,
The lion stepped carelessly onto the beast's dead body,
"Pride" it snarled,
It came closer,
I stepped back coming dangerously close to the cliff behind me,
I could feel the pride in my veins,
Freezing the blood that was just starting to warm up,
"You can have either one of us, or both of us." The lion says,
The dead beast starts to get up and walk towards me ,
"Or neither." I say,

I back up into the cliff
and fall into the blackness
never having to feel a thing again

I sidestep the lion,
And open the gates,
Letting all the other animals come in ,
They trample the lion,
Then they trample the beast's corpse,
They hold me up ,
As their savior,
It's maybe the best feeling

The author's comments:

Hey guys! This is just a poem on why suicide is NEVER the answer.

Vote with your and comment with your honest opinion.

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