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September 30, 2014
By Failiwillnotfall PLATINUM, San Marcos, California
Failiwillnotfall PLATINUM, San Marcos, California
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"I understand that love and tragedy go hand in hand, for there can’t be one without the other, but nonetheless I find myself wondering wether the tradeoff is fair."
-Nicholas Sparks

Is what I think about
When I think of you.
A nice big pile of
When I hear your name.
Are the world’s
Biggest distraction,
And you go by a lot of different names.

YOU are a creature I have deemed
To be a different species
Of the common
Teenage boy-

I call you a different species,
Specifically because your kind is so rare
I have only come across two
Before you-
You, being the third.

You, my dear,
Are what I call,
A crush.

I do not call you a crush
Because that is how my heart will feel
When you reject me
Just like all of the others-
You’ve already had that chance,
And instead of pushing me away
You have told me
That it’s alright,
And you feel the same.

I call you a crush,
Like the soda,
Every time I
Breathe your essence,
Hear your voice,
Feel your touch,
Share your laughter-
I get bubbly on the inside,
Bouncing, bubbly butterflies
Bringing the antidote to all of my sadness
To my soul-

The same,
Sugary, sweet, happy bubbles I experience
When I drink Crush-
Or any type of soda.
But let’s be honest,
I can’t go around calling you a Dr. Pepper,
Now can I?

When I hear your name,
It messes me up for hours.
I shouldn’t be worried about you
All of the friggn time,
But I am.

You’re like a drug,
You’re my ecstasy.
You’re like a Hershey’s Symphony chocolate bar-
I tell myself I only will have a little,
And two minutes later-
Half of the chocolate is GONE!
And crap,
I can’t get enough of you.

Just like that chocolate bar.

I long to know-
When you kiss someone,
Can you taste what they last ate?
Would I feel the fireworks in my heart I have dreamed of
If we had a face battle?
I’d like to find out.

I know I’m pretty innocent
And really inexperienced,
But doesn’t that give you all the more reason
To teach me?

Ask me to a dance!
I’ll dress up
And look pretty
Just for you.
You can hold me close
And we’ll sway to a song
Only we can hear.

Come pick me up
And we can just hang out!
I don’t care what we do,
As long as I’m with you.

But crap…
As much as I want you to be the one for me,
I can’t…
Because of my parents…

I have to hide my feelings in a corner
While I go out and be the good girl I was raised to be,
And abandon anything that has to do with you…
For the meantime…
I’ll be here,
Will you wait for me?

I call you a crush
Because this corner is too small
For all of my feelings about you
And the weight of the fear
Of my parents’ disappointment
Is crushing me…

But I still have the hope that you’ll wait
The five months’ difference
Between our ages
And ask me
The only thing I’ve
Been longing to hear…

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