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Good Bye

September 17, 2014
By JoyMason PLATINUM, Arapahoe, Nebraska
JoyMason PLATINUM, Arapahoe, Nebraska
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You, he who subdued me, be not insolent, forget not the beauty of virtue.

You never thought I'd do it;

You'd never think I'd leave and say good bye.

You never thought your words bit;

You'd never think they'd make me say good bye.

You never thought before you spoke;

You'd never that'd cause me to say good bye.

You never thought, the line, you'd provoke;

You'd never think that line was connected to my good bye.


But watch me!

Just watch me fly the coop!

My dust is all you see.

You didn't watch;

How your hands brought up your rifle,

Aim at my soul;

You didn't realize,

That your finger would make the gun shoot.

But I'm free,

And you can't stop me!

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