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The Burden

August 30, 2014
By winny_addams PLATINUM, Menomonie, Wisconsin
winny_addams PLATINUM, Menomonie, Wisconsin
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I walk alone

Searching to find a home

Somewhere where I belong

Soemwhere far away

So I won't be a burden


All my life

I was a burden to someone

No matter what

They blamed me

For everything


I need to escape

I need to runawy

Where no one will find me

Somewhere by myself


This is me

This is the...


The author's comments:

I wrote this because I feel like I'm a burden to everyone. My boyfriend's roommate acts like everything is my fault. My boyfriend's roommate Jeremy doesn't like me because he thinks I am here to take my boyfriend away from him. All because I hang out with my boyfriend more then my boyfriend hangs out with his roommate. It really bugs me that Jeremy treats me like crap when he doesn't even know me.

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on Dec. 9 2015 at 9:28 pm
Maculate_Dream DIAMOND, Riverside, California
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on Sep. 8 2014 at 11:06 pm
Life_line BRONZE, White Plains, Maryland
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This poem was beautiful. I can relate to the feeling of being a burden, but the only way to get past it is to not let it get to you. Don't worry about that mean roomate because he is just jealous of how much your boyfriend loves you