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Knowledge as to Letters

July 11, 2014
By Theraforever PLATINUM, Dubuque, Iowa
Theraforever PLATINUM, Dubuque, Iowa
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Knowledge is obtained by many. Knowledge, written as pointless - irrelevant - unimportant in any stage beyond current. Letters are obtained by less - still a fair amount. Letters are performed as with point - relevant - important in all stages beyond current. Letters that hold made up meanings provided to assist one prove they hold intelligence. Once proven, it is told the rest of the thread will be simple. Needs will be given and wants will be easily earned. Whether this is true or not is not for my mouth to speak. The purpose my words bestow is to grab attention to the facts and observations. Exclaim the frustrations held and the issues that only seem to grow. In conclusion, let it be said that once told knowledge is power than once told letters are key to ones future can lead to misguidance. And although it would be easier to obtain both, only so many can and very little do.

The author's comments:
'Knowledge' represents what most refer to as street smarts and 'Letters' is meant to represent more of the book smart. Both are important but only one is usually chosen in the end.

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