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Bright Lights and Midnight Hikes

May 26, 2014
By LBE23 PLATINUM, Oxford, Michigan
LBE23 PLATINUM, Oxford, Michigan
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Bright lights and midnight hikes
with those moments when
your eyes
seemed to be
that night sky.

Be it the
clear, star studded sky
holding the full, beaming moon
which led our steps
and illuminated the air

Or, —
those dreaded nights
when no stars could,
nor would
be seen—
even the moon
seemingly disappeared—
leaving darkness,— black

Your eyes
saw it all
and held it all.
They reflected what they saw
and what could not,
nor would not
ever be explained
nor put into words.

So they
wrote a story
through you
and on you—

What couldn’t be told
but what need to be

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